*Post updated 1.12.21. See footnote.
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This post is an introduction to a white paper I’ve written (available in English and Deutsche). For anyone wanting more research and science about abortion, human fetal cell lines and vaccines, this paper is for you.

This project unexpectedly fell into my lap because of my child’s health crisis, stumping doctors nearly a decade ago. Exploratory surgery was recommended, and questions arose: Was it food intake? Was it allergies or medication side effects? Was the body interacting badly with a medication or vaccine? I started on a journey to find answers where all these questions and more were explored.

At first, the vaccine question seemed easiest to answer. Surely, I thought, it was just water and a weakened version of the virus. So I turned to the most reputable source I knew to investigate the ingredients – the Centers for Disease Control website. That was when I first saw the words, “normal human diploid cells.”

What? Why was the word “human” listed in multiple vaccines’ ingredients? Attempting to answer this initial question snowballed into years of combing through scientific literature dating back to the 1930s. It revealed a 60-year link between vaccines and the abortion industry, clearly demonstrating the reliance many vaccines have on human fetal cell lines. These fetal cell lines are created from aborted babies and used in the production of vaccines. My reading not only revealed the use of abortions in vaccine research and development, but other disturbing details, such as the deception of expectant mothers, the mistreatment of aborted babies (sometimes born and dissected alive) and the trafficking of and profiting from aborted babies’ organs, tissues and body parts.

This long history, plainly chronicled in scientific journals, directly contradicts the modern narrative that researchers used only two aborted children during vaccination development in the 1960s. Instead, they used hundreds – and still counting.

I have two purposes for writing this paper. The first was born out of the realization that many Christians and Christian ministries have unknowingly repeated this false narrative intentionally propagated by the abortion industry to cover up a sordid history. As a pro-life Christian, I want to provide an accurate history for those who care about or have spoken about this issue. Like me, many may not realize how the promotion of vaccines using human fetal cell lines may undermine their overall efforts to stop the legalization of abortion and the legislation surrounding it.

My second purpose centers upon a recent legislative push to remove parental rights by eliminating religious exemptions for vaccines. Prior to learning the history of vaccines, I didn’t understand why someone would want to exercise a religious exemption. It has become clear to me how pro-life Christians can hold legitimate biblical convictions against the use of aborted babies to create human fetal cell lines used in the production of today’s vaccines. State and federal legislators need factual data – substantiated by science – to present an accurate history of the use of aborted babies in vaccine development.

I pray this information may open your eyes and motivate you to action as it has me.

We all deserve to know the truth.

Abortion, the human fetal cell industry & vaccines white paper

*1.12.21 Update: Since the onset of COVID-19, there are now many COVID-19 vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines either in the production of the vaccine itself or in the research, development, or testing. These include the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines already in use under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) AND vaccines still in development. Click here to learn more.