Some things in life we intentionally plan for and work toward. This website was certainly not one of those things. This unexpected journey began with a claim I just knew could NOT possibly be true. The assertion that an ingredient in vaccines – a human ingredient – had come from aborted babies seemed beyond farfetched. I thought for sure I would have heard this before if there was an ounce of truth to it, right?

It kept bugging me though. Like a pebble in my shoe, it wouldn’t go away. So, I started digging through old scientific journals, interviews with scientists, and official government documents and websites. What began as one article over time turned into stacks of highlighted papers in piles taking over my floor.

What I read was shocking – facts that often made me sick to my stomach and sometimes left me curled up in a puddle of tears.

This was too sensitive and heartbreaking to just take someone’s word for it. I spent 10 years tracking down new and old journal articles, reading the history for myself. This research ultimately culminated in the white paper that started this website in 2019.

As the world intently followed COVID-19 vaccine development, awareness of the link between abortion and vaccines began to grow. Scientists working feverishly to develop COVID vaccines were using abortion-derived fetal cell lines to create many of the COVID vaccines. I find myself in a unique season to speak to the issue so burdensome to my heart.

I want this to be a place where truth – even the very hard truths – are shared.

A little more about me. Always being drawn to people, I studied sociology and counseling, attended seminary, and worked in the legal field. Looking back, it was after graduate school that I really learned to THINK and not just study. The tools I had gained to research, dig, and analyze were suddenly worth all the schooling. Being a constant learner, observer of people, and follower of Jesus reminds me I always have a lot to learn. I hope I never stop learning, loving people, and seeking Jesus.