My unexpected journey to VFT started when I stumbled across a claim I felt sure could NOT be true. I just wasn’t buying this assertion that an ingredient in vaccines – a human ingredient – came from aborted babies. Surely I would have heard this before if there was an ounce of truth to it. But, it bugged me. Like a pebble in my shoe, it wouldn’t go away.

That’s when I started to research – the boring kind, like scientific journals and official government documents and websites. What started as one article here and a document there expanded exponentially in piles all over my floor as I checked primary sources.

I discovered shocking facts – facts that often made me sick to my stomach and sometimes left me curled up in a puddle of tears.

Years of rabbit trails and the resulting stacks of highlighted papers culminated in the white paper that started this website in 2019.

As Americans intently followed COVID-19 vaccine development, awareness of the link between abortion and vaccines suddenly grew. Now, I find myself in a unique season to speak to this issue so burdensome to my heart.

I want this to be a place where truth – even the very hard truths – are shared.

A little more about me. Always being drawn to people, I studied sociology and counseling, attended seminary, and worked in the legal field. Looking back, it was after graduate school that I really learned to THINK and not just study. The tools I had gained to research, dig, and analyze were suddenly worth all the schooling. Being a constant learner, observer of people, and follower of Jesus reminds me I always have a lot to learn. I hope I never stop learning, loving people, and seeking Jesus.